The Janus Partnering Model

Janus focuses on process improvement, development of clients' capabilities to execute projects, and assisting clients with the execution of their projects. This naturally requires Janus to maintain internal expertise and experience. However, during the course of many consultancies, the need for complementary expertise and experience often arises. In these situations, Janus sources the necessary expertise from its professional network.

The Janus professional network allows us to access:
  • Management expertise including project management, human resource expertise, business process improvement, and change management;
  • Technical expertise in a range of engineering, logistics and technical disciplines; and
  • Training expertise from various Australian universities, Registered Training Organisations and qualified facilitators.
The model used by Janus for accessing and supplying this complementary expertise is quite simple. If Janus is providing the core support to the client, then the Janus partners typically work for the client through Janus. Alternatively, if the client is accessing core support from one of the Janus partners, the client can access Janus expertise via that partner. This model is illustrated below:


If you would like to access Janus expertise on a project or offer your expertise to Janus via partnering, please do not hesitate to contact us.