Our consultancy focus

Janus offers project, engineering and logistics management consultancy, staff mentoring and development, and process improvement.

The problems we see

Janus takes notice of, and acts on, fundamental research and observations:
  • projects fail ¹ despite competent project management
  • no type of project is immune to failure
  • mistakes, omissions and conflicts become increasingly expensive and time consuming to rectify as a function of time ²

The reasons for the problems

A majority of projects fail because of ³:
  • poor understanding of stakeholder expectations and requirements;
  • jumping to a solution before the problem is correctly understood;
  • poorly written documentation and specifications; and
  • inappropriate systems development strategies.

How can we help?

Janus addresses these problems at the most cost-effective stage in clients' projects; during the earliest stages. Most of the Janus consultancies involve:
  • functional and business analysis;
  • stakeholder requirements management;
  • options and feasibility analysis;
  • acquisition and system development strategies; and
  • tender preparation, evaluation and negotiation.
We are typically engaged at various stages throughout the project life-cycle to perform the following functions:
  • review of technical contractual deliverables;
  • independent technical review and audit;
  • independent validation and verification activities; and
  • project management
If you are continually frustrated by your projects, contact us.